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I'll Be Your Friend é uma música que foi tocada em "Panda's Date"


Let's Take a selfie.png

And just one look,

and I can never forget you.

And now I've got a tattoo,

of you on my heart.

I know, know I'll never recover

It's beating and I wonder.

I think everything will be alright

If you shine your light.

No, oh, oh, oh!

I think i'm ready to say

I want to be your du-du-dude today,

Tomorrow and forever, I'll be your friend.

Catch, catch a can of pop

Finally found a million dollars

Then I lost about a dollar

But who cares, man? I'm super rich,

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Be lucky to be a little beetle

Resting on your shoulder

Trottin' all around.

Got me thinking that I, I, I, I,

I think I'm ready to say

I wanna be your du-du-dude today,

Tomorrow and forever.